• About
    About the ZX BASIC SDK

  • ChangeLog
    A reduced list of changes/bugfixes

  • Installation
    How to install the ZX Basic SDK in your system, and prerequisites for doing so.

  • SDK tools
    Tools available in the SDK.

  • Command line options
    Command line options table for the compiler (zxb)


Get the latest version of ZX BASIC from the archive.

Released programs

  • Released programs
    A list of third-party released programs (mostly games) for the ZX-Spectrum developed with ZX BASIC.

Learning ZX BASIC

Language Reference

  • Language syntax
    Language Syntax is very close to the original Sinclair BASIC, but it's expanded and enhanced.

  • Data types
    Language data types: Instead of working always with Floating Point numbers (also available), there are also some integer types which are faster an take less memory.

  • Reserved words
    Comprehensive list (alphabetically ordered) of identifiers you shouldn't use as a ''variable name''. E.g. FOR, PRINT. If you want usage instructions on a statement, also look here.

  • Standard libraries
    Standard libraries that comes bundled with the ZX Basic compiler.


Help and Support

External resources

  • Here you are external resources: other tools, IDEs, graphic designers and projects related to ZX BASIC. Have a look!

External libraries

  • Library
    Library of functions and subroutines you can use in your programs. You might find them really useful.

Inline assembler

Embedding inline assembler in your code is pretty easy. There's a tutorial on it.

Compiler internals

Only for true hackers: This explains how the compiler does it job, how to expand it, etc. You must be a bit crazy if you enter here...

Other Architectures

ZX Basic was designed from the base as a Retargeable Compiler, so it should be not hard to extend it to other architectures. This is work in progress. See other architectures for more info.


You can issue a Pull Request to the GitHub repository, report bugs in the forum when using the compiler, suggest new features...