Installation of ZX Basic SDK

ZX Basic SDK comes two several flavours:

  • OS Specific binary package (the recommended way).
    For Windows, Mac OS and Linux
  • Multiplatform python scripts (will require Python 3.8+ to be installed in your system)


For the Multi-platform bundle, you will need a python interpreter version 3.8 or higher installed in your system (Linux and Mac OS X users will probably have it already).


To get the latest version of the ZX BASIC SDK, head to Download Page, and get the file you want.


Installation is pretty straightforward: Just uncompress the SDK tree in a directory of your choice and make sure the folder is included in your PATH environment variable.

Testing your installation

For the binary distribution type zxbc (ensure this file is in your PATH). You should see something like:

 Usage: zxbc <input file> [options]

 zxbc: error: missing input file. (Try -h)

For the python distribution type (in windows you can type zxbc). You should see something like:

 Usage: <input file> [options] error: missing input file. (Try -h)

Ok, the compiler is working (or it seems so). Now you should proceed to the following section to learn about its usage.