VAL(<string value>)


Converts the given numeric string value into its numeric value. It's the opposite of STR. If the string can be converted into a number, PEEK 23610 (ROM ERR_NR variable) will return 255 (Ok).

On the other side, if expression cannot be parsed (i.e. it's not a valid number expression), 0 will be returned, and PEEK 23610 (ROM ERR_NR variable) will return 9 (Invalid Argument).

Returned value type is Float.


REM Convert numeric expression to value
LET a$ = "-55.3e-1"
PRINT "Value of "; a$; " is "; VAL(a$)
LET a$ = "aaa"
PRINT "Numeric value of "; a$; " is "; VAL(a$): REM prints 0


  • This function is 100% Sinclair BASIC Compatible

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