This routine takes a block of data compressed with the MegaLZ compression algorithm at SOURCE location and decompresses it to DESTINATIOn location. You should probably save compressed files as direct binaries, and use asm mode incbin commands to include the binary into your project.

THIS METHOD IS NOW INCLUDED IN THE ZX BASIC EXTERNAL LIBRARY (the library folder), so can and should be included with #include <megalz.bas> for the latest code.

SUB megaLZDepack (source as uInteger, dest as uInteger)
    LD E,(IX+6)
    LD D,(IX+7)

    ;Z80 depacker for megalz V4 packed files   (C) fyrex^mhm

    ; Depacker is fully relocatable, not self-modifying,
    ;it's length is 110 bytes starting from DEC40.
    ;Register usage: AF,AF',BC,DE,HL. Must be CALL'ed, return is done by RET.
    ;Provide extra stack location for store 2 bytes (1 word). Depacker does not
    ;disable or enable interrupts, as well as could be interrupted at any time
    ;(no f*cking wicked stack usage :).

    ; USAGE:
    ; - put depacker anywhere you want,
    ; - put starting address of packed block in HL,
    ; - put location where you want data to be depacked in DE,
    ;   (much like LDIR command, but without BC)
    ; - make CALL to depacker (DEC40).
    ; - enjoy! ;)

    ; Be very careful if packed and depacked blocks coincide somewhere in memory.
    ;Here are some advices:
    ; 1. put packed block to the highest addresses possible.
    ;     Best if last byte of packed block has address #FFFF.
    ; 2. Leave some gap between ends of packed and depacked block.
    ;     For example, last byte of depacked block at #FF00,
    ;     last byte of packed block at #FFFF.
    ; 3. Place nonpackable data to the end of block.
    ; 4. Always check whether depacking occurs OK and neither corrupts depacked data
    ;     nor hangs computer.


            LD      A,80h
            EX      AF,AF'
    MS:     LDI
    M0:      LD      BC,2FFh
    M1:      EX      AF,AF'
    M1X:     ADD     A,A
            JR      NZ,M2
            LD      A,(HL)
            INC     HL
    M2:      RL      C
            JR      NC,M1X
            EX      AF,AF'
            DJNZ    X2
            LD      A,2
            SRA     C
            JR      C,N1
            INC     A
            INC     C
            JR      Z,N2
            LD      BC,33Fh
            JR      M1

    X2:      DJNZ    X3
            SRL     C
            JR      C,MS
            INC     B
            JR      M1
            ADD     A,C
            LD      BC,4FFh
            JR      M1
            INC     C
            JR      NZ,M4
            EX      AF,AF'
            INC     B
    N5:      RR      C
            JP     C, END_DEC40
            RL      B
            ADD     A,A
            JR      NZ,N6
            LD      A,(HL)
            INC     HL
    N6:      JR      NC,N5
            EX      AF,AF'
            ADD     A,B
            LD      B,6
            JR      M1
            DJNZ    X4
            LD      A,1
            JR      M3
    X4:      DJNZ    X5
            INC     C
            JR      NZ,M4
            LD      BC,51Fh
            JR      M1
            DJNZ    X6
            LD      B,C
    M4:      LD      C,(HL)
            INC     HL
    M3:      DEC     B
            PUSH    HL
            LD      L,C
            LD      H,B
            ADD     HL,DE
            LD      C,A
            LD      B,0
            POP     HL
            JR      M0




megaLZDepack (32768,16384)