The 42 column printing routine allows text to be 6 pixels wide instead of 8. It is NOT proportional printing, but this is still useful for lining things up in columns.

This routine has been adopted as an included library - so you may include it with

# include <print42.bas>



Moves the print42 system's print cursor to row Y, column X. Note that 0 <= x <= 41 - that is the range of values for X can be up to 41. The range of values for Y is the normal 0-23.


Prints the string to the screen at the current Print42 co-ordinates. It does so in the current permanent colours.

NOTE: The ZX Spectrum's attribute system is encoded into the hardware as a 32 character grid. Print42 does its best, but changing the paper/bright/flash colour from the background is likely to look imperfect as the attribute blocks cannot line up well with the pixel blocks.