UBound(<array variable>)
UBound(<array variable>, <dimension>)


Returns the array upper bound of the given . If the is not specified, it defaults to 0. If the specified is 0, then total number of dimensions is returned.


DIM a(3 TO 5, 2 TO 8)
PRINT UBound(a, 2) : REM Prints 8
PRINT Ubound(a) : REM Prints 2, because it has 2 dimensions

The result is always a 16bit integer value.

If <dimension> is 0 the number of dimensions in the array is returned (use it to guess the number of dimensions of an array):

DIM a(3 TO 5, 2 TO 8)
PRINT UBound(a, 0): REM Prints 2, since 'a' has 2 dimensions


  • This function does not exists in Sinclair BASIC.

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