RETURN [<expr>]

RETURN statement is used in 3 cases:

  1. When returning from a GO SUB sentence
  2. When returning (exiting) from a SUB (a subroutine)
  3. When returning (exiting) from a FUNCTION. In this case a return value must be specified.

Returns in the global scope (that is, outside any function or sub) are treated as return from GO SUB. Otherwise they are considered as returning from the function or sub they are into.

WARNING: Using RETURN in global scope without a GOSUB will mostly crash your program.
Use --stack-check if you suspect you have this bug, to detect it.

Example with GO SUB

10 LET number = 10
20 GOSUB 1000 : REM calls the subroutine
30 LET number = 20
40 GOSUB 1000 : REM calls the subroutine again
100  END : REM the program must end here to avoid entering the subroutine without using GOSUB
1000 REM Subroutine that prints number + 1
1010 PRINT "number + 1 is "; number + 1
1020 RETURN : REM return to the caller

This will output:

number + 1 is 11
number + 1 is 21


  • This statement is Sinclair BASIC compatible.

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