peek (address)
peek (typeToRead, address)


Returns the memory content (byte) stored at address position. If address is not a 16 bit unsigned integer, it will be converted to such type before reading the memory.

When typeToRead is specified, the given type is read from memory; otherwise the type of the read value is supposed to be ubyte (8 bit unsigned integer).

The type of the returning value is the typeToRead specified, or ubyte if no type is specified.


The following example reads a 16 bit unsigned integer at position 23675 (this is the System Variable for UDG in Sinclair BASIC systems):

print "Address of UDG is "; peek(23675) + 256 * peek(23676)

But it's faster to specify the type of the value:

print "Address of UDG is "; peek(uinteger, 23675)


  • This function is Sinclair BASIC compatible.
  • This function extends the Sinclair BASIC version.

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