INK <value>


PRINT INK <value>;

This can be used to change the permanent print settings, or the temporary ones. When used as a direct command:


being n a number from 0-8, then the subsequent print statements will have a foreground colour based on the number used. As the ZX Spectrum manual states:

 0 - black
 1 - blue
 2 - red
 3 - purple, technically called magenta
 4 - green
 5 - pale blue, technically called cyan
 6 - yellow
 7 - white
 8 - transparent (Do not change the paper value in the square being printed)
 9 - Contrast - currently NOT supported.

Just as in Sinclair basic, this command can be used as temporary colours by combining them with a print statement:

Print ink 2; "This is red text"

This format does not change the permanent colour settings and only affects the characters printed within that print statement.


  • This function is Near Sinclair BASIC compatible.

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